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  1. No worries, Nath. Servers break at times. Here's hoping you can fix it! Keep us posted
  2. Hello! I am interested in joining your server! I like AtoBT though I am relatively new to all of its finer details. I have been playing MC for quite a while (2+ years). I am 42, married, and a mom of 2 boys. I like playing cooperatively and exploring. I hope you'll invite me to your server!
  3. I am new to reporting bugs about games so bear with me as I learn the lingo and best methods for reporting them for Hexxit. Thanks! When my mouse hovers over a Keese, the name in the top center information area is "entity.zeldaswordskills.keese.name". The information with the mob picture on the top left has "Keese" for the name. When I am killed by the little bugger, the text in the chat section(?) is "AzureDragonfly was slain by entity.zeldaswordskills.keese.name". Hope the info helps!
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