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  1. ====================================== Name: Artyum IGN: xSable Discord: xSable#3454 Favorite Mods: I don't have a favorite, I like to balance my gameplay. Age: 25 What are you best at?: Behind the curtain stuff, mod configs, debugging, etc. Time Zone: EST What can you bring to the server?: Almost 8 Years of Experience with Minecraft, decent buildings, and mod knowledge. =========================================
  2. Says page trying to access unavailable to my account. I'd look, but I can't.
  3. Alright, so I've done some searching in the past few months, and it has lead me to nothing. So I figured it's finally time to just ask one of the biggest communities in modded minecraft. Does anyone know how you would go about creating a custom map like Blightfall? I mean one in which you start the game and you always have the same map by default? I've looked into this for a long time, and can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I even looked through the mods in Blightfall itself, but many of which I do not know what they do, as they are not publicly posted mods for individual download. Anyone who can guide me in the right direction to making one of my custom maps the default?
  4. NOTE: We are no longer using the previous modpack, we have since created our own. Please download and join us! Give us a like and follow if you want! Modpack Page: http://technicpack.net/modpack/x-magicka.849978 Server IP: xm.xlegends.net Server Rules: NO RACISM NO SEXISM NO RELIGIOUS DEBATE Do not disrespect staff based on their job. (You may insult all you want if it's gameplay related, this is an Anarchy server after all.) If you have a formal complaint, bring it to Management directly. English Only in Global Chat If you cannot speak English, please speak in private message. NO Excessive Spam/Character Spam/Excessive Caps Excessive Spam - Constantly repeating messages or phrases. (HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP!) Character Spam - Repeating multiple letters or scrambled variants. (asdfgasdlgja or Nooooooooo!) Excessive Caps - Repeating capitalized letters in sentences and words. (OMG WHY DID THAT JUST HAPPEN! or NOOOOOO!) NO Advertising any modpacks or servers unrelated to X Legends Network. Doing so results in an immediate ban. If you have a suggestion for a modpack that we should create a server for, let the staff know directly. Do not post in global chat ever. Description: I created this server because I enjoyed the modpack, and didn't enjoy that my multiplayer experience with this modpack was lacking. There is an official server, but it can be touchy, and lacks support. This server is openly available to all players, and we do what we can to solve the issues brought to us, as soon as possible. So if you like Magic, Mayhem, Quests, World Events, etc, we're in the works every day, building up this server a little bit more. We'd love to have you join us and watch the server grow! Expected Uptime: Nearly 24/7 As stated, the server is still being worked on, but so far the only downtime we've had was for major changes taking no longer than 30 minutes, and a simple restart that runs now and then (lasting only a few minutes.) Community: We're looking for players who have NO knowledge of what they are doing, and players who know EVERYTHING about these mods. Players who believe in having a strong community over a wide variety of modpacks and networks. It's the life-blood of Minecraft, and all the mods/plugins that come with it! We aim to keep our players interested and entertained, and keeping the environment clear of immoral players (dupers, cheaters, hackers, generally unpleasant) and generally clean. Whitelist/Greylist: This server currently has no whitelist or greylist. It has an open rank system with faction based rank-ups. Meaning you can join a faction at the lowest rank, and the rank-ups from that point will reward you with new and exciting kits, varying depending on which faction you chose when you started. Hopefully you're excited to see what we may have to offer you! Come join us!
  5. Also I recommend reading this and updating the post so more information can be made available. '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  6. I'm interested. If you'll have me I'll gladly join and get to know the community involved in the server. IGN: xSable
  7. Server owner inactive on this site since November 27th. I recommend a halt to applications until he/she can update the main post informing that the server is in fact, still an active server. Until then, please let this be the last reply.
  8. This person was last active in July. This server is most likely closed, please stop replying with applications, as it will probably never reach the server owner. Sorry for the inconvenience and this hopefully final bump.
  9. Necessary Update: The old server is dead and gone. No more talk about the backups or anything that happened before. It started as a vanilla B-Team, but things got out of hand, so it's not going to be that way now. Certain items will be banned. Rules will be followed. If rules aren't followed, there will be consequences. To make it clear, I'm going to list it to the best of my knowledge, if something is changed, it will be edited/updated. So here is what you need to know. Staff: -Owner- The_ace2 -Co-Owner- Malikstass -Admin- xSable Ranks: -Guest- -- NO RIGHTS. This is a trial position, you will not have access to anything. This is the point of the greylisting. We're working on making the server publicly available, but the only way you can do anything is if you are promoted from guest to a higher position. -Builder- -- Minimal Rights. You can break, build, etc. Basically single-player with friends. There aren't many limits with the exceptions of banned items. You do not have command access, with the exception of /spawn. /Back is being taken into consideration. Will update. -VIP- -- Moderate Rights. No, not MODERATOR. Moderate. As in not a lot, but more than nothing. You get all the rights of the Builder rank, and your command possibilities are increased, but still undetermined. Possible commands = /sethome, /back, etc. BUT THESE ARE NOT FOR SURE!!! DO NOT EXPECT THEM! FUTURE RANKS TO BE DETERMINED [WIP]Banned Items/Mods/Actions: Present Box ArchimedesShips Statues Hammer More to come... [WIP]Restricted Items/Mods/Actions: Lava_Bucket placement (Containers/Machines still work with lava bucket. Owner wants fire spread on, but doesn't want stupid lava placement, like right outside your wooden home.) NOTE: Will still be enabled in Nether, and Tropics. Autospawner Restriction: Put a lever on it, make it's redstone signal configuration set to high. If you are not actively using it with grinder of sorts, or killing the mobs manually, turn it off. When you log out of the server, turn it off. Failure to do so will result in deletion of your Autospawner and restriction of your rights to place one. Things we are working on: Plugins *PermissionsEx *BanItem *Essentials *Warps Builds *Spawn *Shops *Arena New Rules: FLINT & STEEL - With time we will determine whether or not people can be trusted not to burn down entire forests with it. If it is seen as a griefing tool, it will be either banned or limited. Don't make this a problem. There is no need for hundreds of Nether Portals. We are a small community, there is no need for everyone to have one. A Nether Spawn will be worked on, and a portal is openly available right next to spawn. We have not banned placement of obsidian, or use of F&S, but if we find you have a portal, we can't promise you'll keep it. TO BE CONTINUED... -Admin ~X EDIT: Moved Autospawner and Lava Bucket to restricted section with description of rules.
  10. Application: IGN - xSable Age - 23 Favorite Mod in B Team - Difficult question. I guess Witchery, because after I get to that, I ignore almost everything else. Second is Biomes O' Plenty. I enjoy exploring. What do you like to do in Servers? - I like to do a lot of things. Just depends on my mood. Sometimes I like building large cities, sometimes I like collecting resources and just living with a builder, and sometimes I go nomad making as little impact on the world as possible while setting up small camps and such for anyone playing. Why do you want to join my server? - I'm looking for a place to start new. That's really it. I agree with all the rules. I have no interest in breaking any of them. I just want to play, and have a good time. Skype? (no need to list your skype here, ill pm you) - Yes, I have skype. Favorite Color - A blended and swirled gradient of neon blue and white. I call it Mage-Blood.
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