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  1. Age : 19 Name : Aaron Skype : SUBxMotionZ Why I Want To Join : Because I want to meet new people see other peoples builds and have fun What's my minecraft skill : old style buildings and Redstone IGN : SUBxMotionZ Active Time : 4 to 6 hours a day
  2. Don't ballshit the server will never be the same its all crap don't join this server everyone
  3. In the last 4 weeks the sever has been reset twice and the owner don't keep backups and stores them properly so if u want to restart all again every 2 to 3 weeks then go ahead and applie but I don't recommend joining this server its shit
  4. Ive been looking at the version we are running AOTBT and its an unstable build so that might have something to do we the crashes also mo creatures don't help as due to it spawning in all the mobs it might be overloading the memory which the server needs to use to run and stay up ? so I don't know if its any of them two problems but its worth a try .
  5. IGN = SUBxMotionZ Age = 18 Reason = All the servers have been shut down to lack of players joining. so im looking for a new one to play on Steam SUBxMotionZ
  6. Hey my name is Aaron and im 18 years old and my IGN is : SUBxMotionZ
  7. Hello there I would like to join ur attack of the B-Team server. Im 18 years old I have played on many servers but they have all been shut down as the owners stopped playing. I have been playing modded minecraft for about 2 years now and I know a few thing about mods. I have got a youtube channel : www.youtube.com/SUBxMotionZ feel free to take a look My IGN is : SUBxMotionZ My Skype is : SUBxMotionZ (normal on 6pm till 11pm on weekdays) I normal play around 6 hours a day so im really active I will follow all the rules of the server help in community builds and I will interact with all the players. Thanks for taking the time to read threw and I hope to here from u soon.
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