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  1. At everyone getting an error from mIDas, try removing your computer craft folder and RailCraft.jar. I was getting an error and removing those two things seems to have fixed it, although I'm not sure which one was the main issue. Of course every computer is different so this little work around might not work for everyone. *Edit: Just did another conversion and it seems like RailCraft is one of/the problem. Don't know why, but that's the conclusion I've come to.
  2. Hey guys, so I just build a new computer, and I have an SSD for the operating system and and HDD for everything else. I think I messed up because now everything wants to install on my SSD, and naturally Technic is going to install on it because the roaming file is there. Is there a way to make the launcher, and the server program if possible, install and run off my D drive instead of my C drive?
  3. You could probably fix it yourself by putting the recipe into the recipe manager config.
  4. It was bound to happen. The Technic team had a lot to work on when 1.1 came out, not to mention the set backs.
  5. My first guess is a lack of RAM. How much RAM do you have, what else are you trying to run, and what version of Java are you using?
  6. Re: How do i disable mods server side? Whoops, sorry I guess I skipped over the world edit part. World edit is a plugin, so it's in your plugin folder. You might be able to turn it off in its config file, but if you don't want it on your server I would recommend removing it completely.
  7. Re: How do i disable mods server side? Turning of server side mods is pretty easy. Go to your Mod Loader config file in you server folder. It's in the config folder.
  8. Do you really think that someone is going to let you on their server, let alone give you some kind of authority, with a post like this?
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