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  1. UGH, that jackass tp'd me to some platform and tried to kill me. Thankfully the 3 sec tp delay wasn't on for some reason, I just tp'd home and disconnected. Also, is that little dickbag gone (for good) now, or should I not even bother getting on?
  2. So it's essentially another duping tool, but with a high chance to fuck things up? Glad I hadn't tried using one then lol So, when I get on and the server crashes, I see this being my computer, followed by a brief moment of :psyboom:
  3. Well then, here I was thinking that maybe his falling out of the void was due to server lag Xp Tell him to /home or /fhome instead of talking? lol
  4. Did you both do this awesome new spawn sometime today? I just hopped on an mpfthprblmtq says it wasn't done earlier. Either way though, I like it. ________________________________________________ Also, did the server just crash, or is my computer having one of its notorious internet tantrums again? All I'm getting is "Can't reach server"
  5. I was honestly expecting it to happen sooner or later seeing as it was only around 6k from spawn, but i couldn't pass the land up lol. But I'm good on rebuilding, still got my power armor and my backup set, and had already been moving stuff to a much better area. Don't have much but we should make it up quick, thanks though, I appreciate it.
  6. Just a warning, if you value your stuff on this server, don't go two weeks without logging on. lol I was out of town for about a week and a half, when i got back my faction was disbanded and my /f home had been raided (though surprisingly not nuked). Lost around 95 uranium, a bit over 100 diamonds, 1500ish redstone, 6 or so emeralds and quite a bit of metals. Sucks, but all that's left to do now is pack up the rest and move it again.
  7. It was actually at max capacity for an hour or two today I was having issues and had to relog, took me around 5 minutes because there were no slots open. You should give it another shot sometime. Yes there's a lot of grief, yes there's a spawn killing issue, but to be fair, that's just due to it being allowed. But honestly, the server has a pretty great community, it's just highly competitive. Personally, I don't do pvp at all and I'm still loving it. My advice, get far from spawn before you even consider thinking about getting resources or building anything. Gather any food you can and just run till you think you're safe, then double that distance. Also, I have an idea to help get new players to stick around and not get frustrated too quickly. Maybe give a 15-30 minute pvp-immunity the first time someone joins the server, that way they have some time to get away from spawn. DarkRubbs idea sounds pretty great as well, since there's a lot of needless spawn killing going on.
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