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  1. Could Use Help Making A Modpack

  2. Need help making a tekkit skyblock server, msg me!

  3. but how do i make the server for that modpack
  4. Well I have a multicraft server that is a paid host. I'm looking for a modpack, either 1.6.4 or 1.7.2, whichever is easiest. Sorry about the long list, I tried to make a pack and 3 days of work failed horribly. I don't know if these fit together but it would be cool if they did! 1. Lycanite Mobs Mod 2. Better Furnaces Mod 3. Dragon Mount Mod 4. REI Mini Map 5. Animated Player 6. More wolves Mod 7. Damage Indicator Mod 8. Too Many Items 9. Optifine 10. Forge 11. Armor Bar Mod 12. Forbidden Magic 13. Tree Capitator Mod 1
  5. I have a server on mineocity.com They use Multicraft panel to control the server. I'm trying to figure out how to add mods without everyone having to download them to play also. My skype is Akeffala.
  6. Co-Owner Needed!

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    2. Akeffala
    3. disconsented


      why so you think posting here is a good idea??

    4. Stop mocking me0

      Stop mocking me0

      Well in her defense where else is she going to ask for it?

  7. Multicraft Sucks....

  8. So I am having a paid host for my minecraft Server. They use the Multicraft Panel to control it with FTP access. I could use some help walking through the steps of putting in my modpack I've created. My Skype is Akeffala. The host isn't being helpful at all by the way I've alreadly tried contacting them.
  9. need a co-owner i think to my server....

  10. officially stuck on putting this modpack file on here. something isnt working!!! ugh!

  11. well my brother thought it would be smart to delete all the files on the FTP for starters
  12. Well I broke everything so I'm lost
  13. I'm using an online server host called mineocity. They have full FTP access and Multicraft control panel. I'm trying to make a modpack from technic platform and make a small server but having a rough time. Could use help.
  14. Need help with setting up server

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    2. Akeffala


      paid hosting

    3. Kusavannah1


      i can help be a mod or a helper on the server i can teach you how if you want

    4. Akeffala


      that would be great ^

  15. Add my skype: Akeffala to get the server ip. Be prepared to show some prior skill. Yes I have world edit to help.
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