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  1. I wouldn't suggest an alienware computer like... ever. Build your own computer! It's easy, fun, and is way cheaper than buying a prebuilt one. Also, use optifine ultimate D5 build. That one works for me. (1.3.13)
  2. Combustion engines need to cool down before starting operation again, unfortunately!
  3. I can do anything I want to it as long as I don't distribute it as my own work.
  4. You're stuck inside a block or something unfortunately. Ask a mod to move your position.
  5. Well I'd love to retexture it but I have no idea how. Advise?
  6. Dude, You have to power the liquiduct with redstone. Use a lever or something. Water pipes extract water (and water only) that's one block away from them at a 1 bucket/second rate. No power required.
  7. I'm not sure if it would be better with it as it doesn't really add much value to the gameplay at all.
  8. Word, thanks. Then perfect, it deserves to be shunned and cast into the shadows. Didn't know he was such a whiner.
  9. I feel like there should be a way to turn off the animations for mekanism items. If you know how, lemme know.
  10. Does anyone else think Greg Tech should be added? I mean there's a ton of content and seems appropriate to add to big dig. Not sure if big dig used to have it r anything. but it seems like a great choice for this kind of modpack
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