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  1. MC username: matt8145 How much experience do you have in tekkit lite: I know almost everything about this modpack, and have made over 500 HV solars in total legitimately. How often do you plan on playing? Well it's summertime, so basically whenever I would feel like it, which should be a lot of the time. Anything else we should know? I used to be an admin of a former tekkit lite server, but we moved on to another modpack, so I wanted to revisit tekkit lite for some nostalgia, I also have some minor experience in mystcraft worlds, so I can always try to help make one, though I wouldn't be completely reliable. My only real hope is that you have grief prevention so I can protect my stuff, I like doing survival more than fighting and messing with people.
  2. Looking forward to the reset, especially since I'm stuck in a corrupted chunk ;~;
  3. Well this sucks, how long has the server been down, 2 hours? Also I hope for a quick solution because this is one heck of crash.
  4. Yeah server is down for about half an hour now.
  5. Is the server down? It started lagging a lot so I was going to rejoin but it hasn't come on for about half an hour. Or did something crash it?
  6. Hey frog i think loff meant he will when he can not Ok gen DID move you to spawn.
  7. i usually just play games like cat mario till it comes back on
  8. it usually comes back on after like 20-30 minutes
  9. Poor frog. You know you could just kill yourself with the /kill command right unless you immediately crash the second you get on.
  10. uhh the entire server is having a crap load of lag
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