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  1. Joined the server today, and its been fun as of yet. A good anti grief mod, low ping/lag (atleast for me). Even though I have not interacted with the people on the server as much as I would like too, I really like the simplicity of the server. I would like to apply for a moderator to help out both maintaining the server, and the players on it. If not as a mod, do let me know any which way I can help (advertising etc). Keep up the good work. Hope to see the server grow.
  2. Ingame Name: redgiant61 Reason of joining: Been on tekkit singleplayer for about 5 months now and would love to try and play multiplayer Experience: I actually got into the tekkit: new frontier first, then tekkit classic, and just found tekkit classic, much more fun. 5 months of experience on classic. Age:19 Favorite mod: Equivalent Exchange
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