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  1. IGN: ElNachoDelicious Age: 17 Timezone: GMT +1 I believe. Tekkit Experience: I believe I started with Tekkit earlier than most, about when the modpack was first created. A Little About Yourself: Hm, well... I'm mature, somewhat helpful (I might help with different things, perhaps just not give away stuff you see), I am properly educated so I would say that I'm intelligent. I never grief, nor do I loot/raid.
  2. The Battery Has Been Recharged.

  3. Ingame Name: ElNachoDelicious Reason of joining: Well, I want a decent server to play on of course. All the non-whitelisted are pretty bad. Experience: I've played Tekkit pretty much since the modpack came out. Age: 17 Favorite mod: Well, I love the quarry, but overall EE is more convenient. So my favorite mod is EE.
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