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  1. Name: LividCinders Age: 17 Do you wish to join Anyon (starting town): I would not like to, no. I wish to create a big town sometime focused on Railcraft! Woohoo! Have you played IC2 or buildcraft?: I have played with it a lot, yes. What is the purpose of a macerator? Simple starter machine which is essentially doubles ore output but crushing the ore into 2 dust. Recommendations(if you been invited): No. Others things i should know: I Live in the Usa (Eastern Standard Time) and would like to find a nice server with a good community
  2. IGN (In Game Name): LividCinders Age: 17 Why Horizon?: Based off of what I am reading in the desc. this seems to be a pretty good server. I usually am not one for whitelist servers, although I would like to try something new. This server ought to be whitelisted for a reason right? What is your goal on the server?: To maybe perhaps become a mod and honestly help others and solve whatever griefing crimes that may arise. I am quite irritated with that about other servers.
  3. Betrayer...no...It was I who was betrayed...

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