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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking to join a tekkit classic team or crew My name is Reece I'm 16 from UK, I'm addicted to Tekkit classic Im looking to join a crew/team because i love meeting new people and playing together Im really good at tekkit and i know a lot I play with no lag i run on a 8gb RAM mac 27" and I'm in my gaming room witch will hopeful be finished around XMAS Time, please let me know by inboxing me or replying to this if you have a crew i could join Thank guys -Reece
  2. Ingame Name: heskinsr97 Reason of joining: i love tekkit and i feel on whitelist servers its more mature and you can get to know more people Experience: played for about a year none stop, i love it and im quite good at it Age: 16 Favorite mod: buildcraft or EE carnt choose
  3. White-list Minecraft Name: heskinsr97 Age: 16 Country: UK Why do you want to join:: because i love tekkit and i feel on a whitelist server its easier to get to know people and build without people joining and spamming If you got banned (MCBANS), explain your bans: no i dont think i have any
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