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  1. well some one did and iam sorry for what i seiad to u as i did not no it was not u
  2. well u did not have to ban me thats all iam saying as was not nice as outher servers give a chance
  3. Name:jay Minecraft Username: jazy25akagod Age:26 Your long term minecraft project:i have been playing this game since i was 20 so i have 6yrs of noing the game Why you want to play on this server: i too like to play on a server that can have peace and no grife as i do not like that at all and iam all so admin on two servers and they say iam a good helper and all so good bulder so if u what me to be add on ur server i may be aball to help u on it and make it the best one out there as i all so dont work i can be on most days i can come on right now if u what me to ty for reeding this reply
  4. this server is a load of crap as i was not told u can not raid stuff they just spy on u and when u r a long way in the game they ban u they ban me for 5yrs i find this silly as they did not give a chance to say any thing so if i was u do not go on this server as a load of fing cunts and ballshiters
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