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  1. Well than i guess i wil not have any t rex because i don't have so many iron blocks. But thanks anyway.
  2. I don't know if every dinosaur has got the same problem but when my t-rex grows his hitbox stays the same size making it walk trough 1x1 holes even when it has grown. And there is something else. Can anybody tell me is there any config file that allows me to change that dinosaurs brake blocks because that is making me mad and dinosaurs are even escaping from bedrock enclousers. Sorry for bad english. It is not my valid language.
  3. |Your Username:| kazeks_123 |Your reason for joining the server:| I kinda missed tekkit and now want to play it again but playing alone isn't fun. And the other servers have banned items and thier everybody can greif raid and kill. |Are you experienced in Tekkit:| I am. But tekkit is really big so i still may ask questions. |Will you follow the rules:| Of course I am going to follow the rules. The rules are made to follow them! NOTE: English is not my valid language so expect misstakes from me in the chat like these (this text iswithsa mistakes) I never played in any of th
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