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  1. Is there a Buildcraft pipe called a Distribution Pipe or something along those lines? You may be able to just make a line of pipes behind the chests and have it work anyway, but it may be inconsistent. Why do you need the items sorted in this manner? I assume you're playing on the Tekkit Classic pack.
  2. IGN: Nuclear_Burrito Age: 16 (I can act anywhere between 11 and 20 if necessary) Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (East Coast U.S.) Name: Andy Why do I want to play? Because I really loved Tekkit classic, and now that Tekkit Legends is out, I want to get back into the whole make-dark-matter-from-cobblestone-and/or-sunlight, fly-around-nearly-invincible-with-a-nanosaber fun, and I thought it would be more fun to play on a server than just a single-player world. This server, with a smaller population, no item bans of which I am aware, and the no "people who are jerks and pay to troll around" mentality, seemed like an ideal server. Why do I like Minecraft? In terms of vanilla, because I have the opportunity to build various things and the play style is just something at which I can be good without having to be ultra-competitive. It also has a large modding community, which has produced some really great mods that have made the game much more fun (computers and lasers? I'm in!)
  3. When I tested it, the game told me that the right version of Forge was not installed (specifically, it said that the minimum version was Did you use the right version of forge when you made the pack? If it loads on vanilla and not in the Technic pack, it doesn't make sense. If you have the right version of Forge, then I'll take another look, but try that first.
  4. I probably sound like an idiot, but a) how do you check for Forge Ore Dictionary compatibility what does it do anyway c) what is CoFH. I've seen it before, but I don't remember where and I didn't understand it anyway. Sorry I have no idea what any of this is.
  5. Hello, I'm back again with another problem. I finally got time to actually play the modpack I made, Moderncraft Remastered, and then figured out I had a problem: there are multiple ores, and their corresponding ingots, with the same name from a number of different mods, and as they all have different Ids, the game treats them like different ores and ingots. This makes mining a pain, as they fill up many more inventory slots than otherwise necessary, and crafting with the ingots is a pain. So basically, I'm asking for help making all of the mods use one type of each ore/ingot, instead of all having their own. I read somewhere about changing the block IDs in the config file, but I'm not completely sure if that will work. Here is the mod list, if that will help: Inventory Tweaks by Kobata. Link: by Space Toad, Krapht, and SirSengir. Link: (must provide link if modified) Forestry (no author listed, possibly Sengir). Link: (no restrictions found) Not Enough Items, Wireless Redstone, and Ender Storage by chickenbones. Link: (provide name and link) Optifine (no author found). Link: Minechem by Pixlepix. Link: Tinkerers Construct by mDiyo. Link: Nether Ores and Powercrystals core by skyboy026. Link: Damage Indicators by rich1051414. Link: Galacticraft by Micdoodle8. Link: (no restrictions found) Computercraft by DanTwoHundred. Link: Rei’s Minimap by ReiFNSK. Link: (allowed in modpack). Downloaded from: Concrete by NuclearBurrito. Link: not available Industrialcraft 2: (allowed in modpack under the following conditions, as stated on their website (grammatical errors remaining): 1. you must explicitely state, on the website, thread, blog or other public location (further referred to as 'location'), the presence of IC² in your modpack in a readable and user-understandable manner and English language (usage of multiple languages, including at least one English translation, is permitted). 2. Either the download or the location must contain some sort of 'Credit's, listing up the 'IC² Dev Team' (this term is considered sufficient, it is not necessary to label the members of the Dev Team by name) as creator of IC². 3. A link to or] must be present, user-visible, at the location of publication. 4. You may not gain any direct revenue associated with the download of any data containing the redistributed IC² files. This literally applies to AdFly, but as well to other advertisment services, including those services basing revenue of website traffic. IC2 Advanced Machines: by atomic stryker IC2 Nuclear Control: by Shedar Haribote Aircraft by Wero. Link: Bacon Mod by MinecraftWero. Link: Dr. Cyano's Wonderful Wands by DrCyano. Link: I was planning on adding more, but I thought this issue should be resolved before I complicate matters further. Thanks for your time.
  6. Do you know of anything equivalent besides Dropbox?
  7. Now if only I could figure out how to upload files... Until then, though, Moderncraft Remastered will be hosted elsewhere; I just figured this would be a good place to host it.
  8. As Dropbox was causing a few issues for a number of the people playing Moderncraft Remastered, and as a few of that number were among those it was originally tailored for/helped design it, Moderncraft Remastered is now being hosted here to avoid any further downloading issues. However, if this causes a problem or violates any rules which I misinterpreted, I will happily remove/discontinue this thread. I'm sorry if it does. This was not designed to showcase the modpack; however, admins/moderators that believe this thread is a showcase, like stated above, have the right to tell me so and, also stated above, I will remove/discontinue the thread and look for other ways to host the modpack without using Dropbox. It will also be appreciated if, should this accidentally violate any rules, that suggestions be made of where I can host the modpack on the Technic Platform without causing any issues.