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  1. Well, the server IP will no longer work since the server has been taken down. We will get a new server up and running ASAP. ~Liteify Team
  2. I hid the modpack for testing so I'll give the API link instead: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/engineers-toolkit Github Link: https://github.com/lewislovesgames/Engineers-Toolkit I'm using the beta technic launcher but I used the non beta aswell and it boots up as Vanilla Minecraft. I used forge universal as my modpack jar file. Is this correct?
  3. Sorry, we've been experiencing issues while trying to get the server running! If anyone can help us fix this: OutOfMemory We would be glad! ~Liteify Team
  4. ANNOUNCEMENT: We are near Christmas so me and MultMine are redecorating the spawn! Join to help us out! Merry Christmas! Regards, Me ([Owner]EngineerLewis) and MultMine ([baws]MultMine)
  5. It looks like that Mekanism is having problems loading the Salination Controller recipes into NEI. I think (from reading this log) it's caused by the Brine liquid. What version of Minecraft are you using and what version of Mekanism are you using?
  6. Thank you. We have turned off the whitelist now. I have added you to the whitelist anyway. No whitelist applications required
  7. Hello, welcome to Lifeify! We are a small server community and this server started on the 29th Of October 2014. We have built the server spawn and redone it for Halloween. On this special occasion we have made this forum post to tell you that we've opened up the server for the public. There are banned items! Be careful. IP: None, server has been taken down for now. ASAP, it will be back up. Regards, The Liteify Team who started this server. ( [Owner]Lewislovesgames, [Co-Owner]JimmyD_1, [Co-Owner]StealthAl21 )
  8. IGN: lewislovesgames AGE: 10 Are you a Good builder: Yes. Can't post any photos though. Sorry!
  9. Name:Lewis Minecraft Username:lewislovesgames Age:9 Preffered Tekkit Mod:IC2 Are you banned in any server(Y/N):N
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