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  1. I've been playing hexxit for about a week and ive come across some issues. scale helmets, skull helmets, and worn backpacks cause me excessive framerate issues when i view them. does anybody know how to fix this?
  2. ign: IIRarityII age: 27 time spent playing minecraft: when did the xbox version come out? reason i want to join: ive been on voltz, now i would like to tekkit. simple as that. and your server seems like a great place to learn how to tekkit :>
  3. saw the forum wit hthe server thing going down.

    you could always come to mine :D


    im in dire need of people. i cant get anybody to join. even repaired another computer just to run it.

    1. GodsFatCousin


      Hey, I have a server up and running on a VPS, the ip is or use the address as voltz.roboticminecraft.tk if you want to be an admin, then contact me. I would love to come and check yours out. If so can you contact me on skype??

  4. is your voltz server brand new?

  5. actually when i had a vanilla server, i made a huuuge bedrock box and spawned an ender dragon into it. he flew right out of the box.
  6. update on my server status! it is now 24/7! i dug out an old computer, repaired it, and literally turned it into a linux dedicated server, server is up forever! come play on a server where you can blow up everything :> if i can get 20 people in here, ill open it up for 20 more.
  7. ~got it working~ i uh... was gonna do a duel boot with windows 8, and like aroudn the same time i learned it was a bitch and a half to do, i accidently deleted part of windows 8, bricking my computer. HOWEVER. i had the boot disk i made for ubuntu sitting right next to me. so i did the only thing i could do since my pc didnt come with a windows boot disk. that said. my old once dead laptop that i had sitting in a drawer is now full of life and is now my 24/7 minecraft server :D
  8. i just switched over to linux and have no idea what to do in regards of starting up tekkit, let alone minecraft. explain it to me like im a moron. what do? D:
  9. universal cable is your friend. it works at infinite distances and doesnt burn.
  10. go on creative, get one, and charge it, see what it does. just mess with it. thats how i learned.
  11. a litle bit of a bump for a very dead thread. i restarted the server as "super vanilla" with no server modpacks. its just barebones voltz. literally single player voltz on a multiplayer server. if you feel like playing. come on over. ill hand you a generator, basic energy cube, and a turret to get you started. DO NOT COME NEAR MY BASE, if the turrets dont get you, i will, unless you choose to live right near the wall. i wont argue that, but any hostile actions toward the "mod base" will get you antimattered. unless "challenged" to pvp, where ill make a makeshift little base and shoot conventionals at you.
  12. got the server up and running i just need to port forward and were good to go ill have the ip for you soon

  13. hi i have selected you to help build the map to my server details will be given shortly i have just been busy with work to set up my computer sever to allow people to connect besides local host

  14. IGN: IIRarityII ( 2 i's on either end) Age:27 Position your applying for: builder Years played: i guess since spring of 2012. when the 360 edition came out. i switched to pc not long after Skills:i can build. i can " create" and i can imagine. and i can lead. Previous Mod experience:i ran a nukkit server since october 2012. it only held like.. 20 people but it was fun all the same. had a little town and everything. (If any) Reason why you should be picked:you need people. i am very imaginative and can cook up some pretty weird ideas for builds, but if you had any actual ideas for what you want, all you have to do is say so. anything you want me to know: im friendly. fair. and compromising. lacking much of a life can have me watch the server longer than most. considering when i get tired i get...erm.. focused. also i like to talk. im a talker. (optional)
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