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  1. Hi Guys, This is a post about a server I run. It has no rules, open 24/7, runs on a VPS. Has a friendly community. Here are some of the features: Absolutely no rules. Yep thats right. If you want to protect your base, Voltz offers enough ways of protecting your base. No bukkit pluggins. I absolutely HATE bukkit, if you don't like, move on If ever the server goes down, please feel free to contact me on skype, my username is pccollinson Thats it, if I have missed something out, please feel free to contact me. Also, looking for admins, so if you are from a exotic timezone, please contact me. Thanks GodsFatCousin - Server Owner and Admin
  2. Hey Guys, please could you spread the server address wide and far

  3. Hi, the server is shut down again, can you restart it please.
  4. Hey, do you have a backup of the world before you nuked by base? (F*CK YOU!)? I tried to get on but i need a load of mods required. I was hoping to host the old world on my VPS. Oh and by the way we could have anti-matter your base, we had a base in the nether! lol
  5. saw the forum wit hthe server thing going down.

    you could always come to mine :D


    im in dire need of people. i cant get anybody to join. even repaired another computer just to run it.

    1. GodsFatCousin


      Hey, I have a server up and running on a VPS, the ip is or use the address as voltz.roboticminecraft.tk if you want to be an admin, then contact me. I would love to come and check yours out. If so can you contact me on skype??
  6. Hey, the server is down. Please could you restart it thanks