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  1. Hello, We're running a Voltz server for awhile again. If anyone wants to get in on the action, you can join us at No cheats / hacks, but other than that, no rules. Steal, make alliances, nuke your enemies.
  2. Hello everyone, We're currently up and running again with the basic default Voltz pack. As usual, no rules except for intentionally bricking the server (Known crash exploits etc)
  3. Server is going down for now. Something keeps causing it to crash, until it's resolved I'm discontinuing the server for now.
  4. We've updated to include some item protection. Sorry about the downtime but liquid routers apparently do cause a crash so I had to restrict em. Shouldn't be a problem anymore.
  5. It's back up again. Sorry about the delay. Best guess is someone is glitching with a forcefield trying to get past one. I'll try to keep an eye on it.
  6. Status: Up Server maintenance complete! Hopefully no more lag problems!
  7. **Update** A new world has been generated. Everyone back to ground zero for balance. P.S please note server is back to the default port.
  8. Hello. Server: ********* Port: 25565 - Voltz A few of us starting playing on it, friends and all and decided to open it to the community. There are no rules except intentionally doing things that brick servers. (Known crash exploits etc) Come on, kill some people, forge some alliances. Get ready for hard mode. Server -Should- be up 24/7. P.S Please do not login and just ask for free stuff. It's not going to happen from an admin. Edit: Currently using a custom pack that isn't voltz, sorry.
  9. Alright, we're running Voltz again but on port 25566. As usual, no rules. By the way - the nuke was really fun, you just had to see it from our perspective :P
  10. Server mod is changing. Nuclear war occurred and no one could compete. Thank you for playing on the server. You're welcome to continue on the next mod!
  11. Mob spawner (The kind that uses safari nets) + cow killing mob grinder auto breeder farm for xp and food + spawn creepers and have them auto killed = lots of gun powder
  12. We found on our own regular voltz server that it had to be rather large to get antimatter to work, we originally started with a 30x30 and we weren't getting antimatter either.
  13. Hello Bloodworth. The End has it's own coordinate system I believe. For example, if you bring in a personal teleporter to the end, it will still find the overworld teleporter, and link to its coordinates. Should you use the personal teleporter, you will be transferred to that location in the end, and likely fall to your death.
  14. Hello! I've started a dedicated Voltz server I've been playing with friends for the last while and decided to open it to the public. Seems there's enough defenses in Voltz to not require any specific rules. Enjoy. Server - Default port havenembraced.net
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