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  1. Hello everyone! I am starting a Twitch livestream server, and I am inviting anyone who wants to participate! The game is simple, there will be a set number of teams all going against each other. Factions are enabled, and the goal is to be the last team standing, be it total domination or peace. Everything else not stated here will be discussed with each other. The rules on the server are simple: No banned items, livestream whenever you are on the server, use Skype as must as possible, and have fun! IF YOU WANT TO JOIN YOU MUST HAVE A TWITCH ACCOUNT AND SKYPE. I AM ONLY GOING TO ACCEPT A LIMITED NUMBER OF MEMBERS, FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. YouTube account is optional, and posting videos on YouTube are on your terms. This server will be up nearly 24/7. If you want to join, fill the form below and send it to my email: [email protected] Form: Minecraft username - Skype username - Age - Twitch URL - Time zone (so I can know if there are any time issues) - Reason to join - Please get your friends join the server, because the more people, the more fun!