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  1. Ahh yeah, I just realised that was aimed for Tekkit Classic. Sorry about that. Thanks for pointing that out xD
  2. Just came on the server to talk so I hope you can make a choice there xD What Rank: Admin/Mod IGN: BlackTonic Reason for wanting this position: Be happy to help out, as it's been a while since I've started a server from scratch. Experience: Many years of happy playing hours. Big love of Tekkit Classic. Contact info: Ask for some in Private message. Happy to add via Facebook or any other media. Also I'm UK based so on for certain flexible hours. What you can bring: I've a few friends who are wanting to start a new server that I'll bring as general members. I'm intelligent enough with Tekkit systems and being a mod in the past.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums but thought I could give some handy advice regarding this problem I've seen being questioned all over the place... "How can I stop items overflowing?" I actually have two possible ideas for this to help you all out there. *1. A very cheap way, and a more advanced method which is so very simple. *2. 1. Create a loop system with basic pipes you would already be using. With machines, you can set it up with simple Iron Pipes and Cobble/Stone Pipes to stop overflowing. Chest > Wooden Pipe > Iron Pipe > Stone Pipe (going to machine) > Stone Pipe (above) > Stone Pipe again (Leading back to the Iron pipe). Here is a pic to help... You can add a Golden Transport pipe in place of a Stone pipe if you'd like to see things whip round rather fast. Though with speed, new items will try to fill an empty slot in the machine rapidly and can jump out of the pipe if another item gets in quicker. I use this even when putting in multiple items into the same machine. It rarely has any problems. 2. This option requires only two Items; The Black Hole Band (2 Dark Matter, 6 String and an Iron Band) and an Alchemical Chest. It surprises me how few people have heard about the rings powers or looked into them, but there you go. All you need for this idea is to place the Alchemical Chest within 7 blocks distance from wherever you have items spewing out along with the Black Hole Band inside it. The Band will suck in any nearby loose items into the chest. You can then have a simple pipe set-up to transport those recently dropped items back into your system. My only great example is when using the Blaze Rod Glitch... A couple of pics to help explain; This second picture above is to demonstrate the ability. Black Ring Band to the bottom-right in the chest, Multiple Items sucked in as normal up to the top-left. I'm using an Advance Wooden Transport Pipe to ensure I'm only sending back into the system the Blaze Rods and Powders. This way the ring itself won't dissappear, nor will that Redstone Torch. I hope this will help the many of you out there. Please link this to anyone that could find it useful. Also any advice you lot can give about my posts in future would be greatly appreciated Any questions, just ask. I'm happy to help any way I can!
  4. Gonna try to help others out there best I can. Any questions don't hesitate to challenge my knowledge :D