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  1. mpfth, This idea is amazing. I was server searching (You know cause i told you) and seriously; every server ive been on sucks. Theres moderators that are everywhere like 1/3 of the server is mods/ops. This server is just amazing. Nothing banned, no one to control us. I think that we do need a map reset. Ive been stuck in this damn void for the past fucking week even more. I took my friends account and logged on and got confused. Some random dude says he's mod, spawn is a hole in the middle of a mountain, we seriously need a map reset. I cant resist leaving this server i want to say, have some
  2. I think i officially found out what the problem is, its in my inventory. My builder is in slot 9 of my hotbar. Whenever i come on, i can last a while until everything crashes. But when i try to drop the builder out of my inventroy, it automatically crashes. I tried dropping diamonds, anything in my inventory byut it doesnt drop. But it also doesnt crash but the minute i click the builder THEN it crashes so we need to have an admin come on and do the /checkinv or whatever that command is and take that damn thing out so we can all play
  3. Ok, Owner if you see this, I need help. Whenever i try to log in, nothing loads around me. I just slowely fall. I try to do /home /f home /spawn /suicide /kill and nothing works.
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