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  1. Edit to Beermatt: "Other items that seemed to be spawned in his ME storage system" There, as to not express enough contempt for Fede. Also, the server is a crashaholic. Don't expect a reset to do all the good. Edit: Alright, players joining the server crashes it too. We are done for without Cataclysm_Survival fixing the hosting
  2. I agree,mpfthprblmtq.If you come on, i'll op you so you can work on fixing the server.I also needed to ban nukes because of their sheer effectiveness at blowing up stuff. Other than that, you are right. Edit:Also, people dying causes the server to crash. Editx2:We REALLY need to fix the respawn-in-wither. Editx3: You really don't show much respect for others, do you? I'm deopping you.
  3. We need Cataclysm to really fix the server up, perms, spawn. and the place people get warped to when they die that is filled with withers. We need a map reset and a temporary whitelist too.
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