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  1. Name: Matthew Minecraft Username: Beermatt99 Age:21 Preffered Tekkit Mod:ic2, applied energistics, nuclear control. Are you banned in any server(Y/N): N casual play im an expert with nuclear reactors, and enjoy making power plants and force field systems
  2. u need to do a serious roll back the spawn and surrounding area has been totally nuked right down to bedrock
  3. mpf you mentioned that the server owners are working on something, is it a new server to replace this one?
  4. well who is server staff and whos ownwers now (cause i was told they have changed) we need a list of who to op and who not to op
  5. if we did a hard reset of everything world admins everything get a set of 5 admins (or watever) and built 2 worlds a spawn in world with every item banned and not usable , and a build world with either random spawn in locations or a regioned area of 1000 block around spawn that is untouchable, nukes are banned or explosions are disabled (creeepers nukes reactors etc etc) only have the main admins opped and make some mini admins with ban and reset rights incase no admins are on, we also need to a way to comunicate with admins or owners weither having a skype group or even have cell phone numbers to send text messages too. the main thing is we need a region system if we already have a region system we need to use it and train all the admins, and the admins are people known to the players trustworthy and preferable with experiance, maybe some more ranks visitor( cant change any blocks) crafter (make 1 home and can edit blocks), vip (3 or unlimeted homes maybie after donating), mini admin ( acess to basic admin stuf vanish ban kicks etc etc) admin (full admin commands access world edit and maybe opped) GOD/owner (can do anything with in server) admins should be shown the commands to use and access sever remotely to shut down restard etc etc so we dont have to wait for the one owner.
  6. explain the 62 hv solar arrays in his inventory the 64 tinker tables and 64 chunk loaders and the lots of other items obviously spawned in in his storage chest
  7. yer the server crashes every time some one dies , kinda stupid for a pvp server and the new spawn is morealess finished if u have any improvements /suggestions or ideas please tell one of the admins
  8. hey so far all day today ive been getting kicked from server cause of errors in it . it will shut down with exception error and wont come back online for about 20 mins, when trying to find server i get communicative error and it wont connect then when i do join again it will probably shut down again, there was one bit when i spend an hour carving out my base etc then it shut down 20 mins later i got back on and everything id done since starting my base had not been saved, the world have a mini roll back or just didn't save ive been having this cookizkookiezbre has been having the same issues and so has phill (new guy) and a couple others so its not just my end
  9. hey i just got onto the server but it keeps booting me don't know if its my end or yours. anyway i agree with most people that the map needs a spawn point that isn't in a mountain if you are looking for admins, mods or helpers for the server. im sure people are more than willing to volunteer they services me included, me (beermatt99) and my friend (sirmitchell93) have been playing a server hosted on his computer with no banned items and we agree its emence fun, both of us are looking for a server like ours (though neither of us are wanting to do a reset as we have put allot of effort into our joint base) Mitchell is a mini admin on several of New Zealand's top servers (were we both live) but if u need help etc wed be more than willing to. feel free to add me on Skype if u want to on beermatt99 i look forward to hearing from you