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  1. I Just Love, The PVE Server! You Can Do All-Sorts Of things there, So Many Structures, So Much Build Space, and lots of Items!
  2. I agree, nldevilwolf! The Players are VERY Helpful and Friendly, and, it is so fun, Just to Explore, everywhere that you see!
  3. Hexxit is So Nice! All of the Structures that you can Find, I cannot Explain how much I have found, and all of the things that I have got out of them!
  4. Yep, nldevilwolf! I Really like everything that comes with and is on Hexxit, Especially the Staff!
  5. I agree, Hellbringer! So Many Staff, they are always so Helpful and Active! They Help out so much!
  6. I agree, Thermopyle! I really enjoy the fact that it is so not "Intense" as well!
  7. That is so Cool, DigAndDug! Maybe I might find one of those some Day; For I have heard of them for quite some time now.
  8. That is right, Icyfire1! I Always love the Adventure World, and The fact that it resets sort of More Often, means that, in my opinion, it gets Better And Better, all the time!
  9. I love Hexxit, Because of the Donations that you can buy, you get a Very Big Plot, In my opinion, If you buy VIP (32x32x255 Plot), It gives you Lots of Space, All for $ 25.00
  10. Yeah, I have always wondered that as well, by wearing it, does it make you a "Thief"?
  11. I know, superidersam! I love Hexxit because it has Factions, PvP, and lots of more cool features!
  12. I love Hexxit, it is so "Adventurous" in My Opinion.
  13. I agree, Shadow_Demon_666! Tinker's Construct is a Good mod to "tinker" aound with!
  14. That is Cool, flame_lord_666! I have always wanted to automate the production of Alternis Fuel RM, but have not got time to do it.
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