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  1. join my tekkit server IP:fffuuunnb.no-ip.biz

  2. IP:fffuuunnb.no-ip.biz Rules No griefing No duping No request items from admin No cheating no mods removed NO BANNED ITEMS!! Plugins Auto Message Auto Save Plus Citizens Craft Book Essentials Essentials Chat Essentials Spawn mcMMO PermissionEx Vault WGFix World Edit World Guard Tekkit Permittor 3-7 People plays on this server Server opens on mood :-( Very small people plays on this server
  3. 20 slots aviable russian hosting Creavive building server ModPack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/lets-build-modpack.273423 Plugins
  4. fizzn1

    Forge unziping

    Title: Forge unziping Version: 1_0_4 OS: Windows 8 Java Version: 7.45 Description of Problem: Error in uiziping Error Messages: error unzipping file for the following pack: Hexxit error in opening zip file Please consult the mudpack author Error Log: Analytics Response [runLauncher]: 200 Starting download of https://minotar.net/helm/Ralconn/100, with 3 tries remaining Starting download of https://minotar.net/helm/Aspatt80/100, with 3 tries remaining Starting download of https://minotar.net/helm/irby1234/100, with 3 tries remaining Starting download of https://minotar.n
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