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  1. Thanks for all the replies - They were very helpful. Sorry for signing the post - This is the first place I've ever seen where that isn't allowed, lol - Usually it's no banners/sig images, etc.. Apologies for that. I'm not much into coding, but can appreciate your offer to check out the code, and can somewhat assume possibly others have dug into that and would have potentially called ya out if there was fishy code. If I was looking for a particular mod, in my sons case, he wants the Crafting Dead Mod, how would I find it? All searches seem to point here specifically, which is why we
  2. So look.. My first post, and I am pretty sure this is the forum category it belongs in. I have seen some cool projects that use the tecnic platform. I was going to come complain about why yet a third branch of modding minecraft was created, it's already confusing, actually, annoying with FML vs. bukkit, and now to throw in a third makes it that much more insane, but really, that's a topic for the official minecraft forums as opposed to any one particular "branch" (for lack of a better word). FOr the record though, and this goes to ALL branches, not just yours, but one unified platform w
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