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  1. guys i forgot my technic pass word and when i do resest it and i know which one im using the technic platform launcher wont accept the password i just changed it to, can someone help me?
  2. guys how do i see what my teccnic password is. ive forgotten it. and the reset doesnt seem to work. i realy need help
  3. how do i see what my current passwprd is???

    1. Neowulf
    2. Soupa


      What's a passwprd?
  4. Your In Game Name: Getafix Your Age: 21 How often are you planning on playing: everyday For experienced players, the structure you are most proud of building: automated machines For new players, what are you hoping to achieve on Verve: i am hoping to implement automated machines and mining For everyone, why do you think Verve is the server for you: i like the idea that there is only mature people online. Additional Comments: hope to hear from you soon. im a tekkit fan. ever since ive started playing it i cant get enough
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