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  1. @Munk F withery dude You got THAUMCRAFT 4 And BLOOD MAGIC @SLum Yep turrets and shit but you need a shitton of power to run them xD
  2. I know the rules i watch Etho and Doc Also,Wow this is one destructive modpack Over 5 Magic mods and i also did research yea Mindcrack FTB and Crackpack are different
  3. Team captains: Slum and Nami Ive been refreshing the Multiplayer Screen hoping its going to work xD i should stop that
  4. Another Question Wont Crackpack/mindcrack FTB server will be all about war? i mean there is no other way to play it thats what the pack is ment for
  5. Would nami even consider a modpack move?I mean most of us talk about how cool the crack pack is... maybe we can change the server to that if every one and nami agrees
  6. You know what! what do you guys think about a full reset! Might as well do it we are getting a map reset it would entertain us getting our stuff back
  7. Ive got a filter i can run on a map That Will kill ABSOLUTLY ALL ENTITIES that includes minecarts,item frames and creatures i can try and run it on those bastards Or a suggestion Tell nami to remove the darwin mob Mod from the Mods folder in the server files and run it that should get rid of everything related with that mod honestly i dont think its fair for people like me and michael who spend hours on there home :c
  8. First thing,The server has been down for a while Second thing,I just finished building my base a few weeks ago why do we need a map reset :,(
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