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  1. Wow this server is holding steady with 40+ players and no lag. Bring it on people lets push it to 100 daily
  2. This is not a shameless bump. This is my welcome to the public who were not able to donate to Child's Play. Whether it was because of age or economic reasons, we don't care, we welcome all players with open arms. So to all of you who waited patiently for the public release I say this. Come, come onto us and enjoy this wonderful new modpack with us. See you Space Cowboy!
  3. ^ Queue Star Wars type music. Dangit John Williams where did you go. *goes off searching yelling at a distance* We need more music. Moar Cowbell! This server has very respectable and amazing staff. The owner is highly experienced in running servers and managing his staff. He picks the cream of the crop to help on his servers and it shows. Come see what I mean!
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