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  1. Hey, IGN: Name(Optional): Jay Age(no limit): 17 Why do you want join?: Because I love AotBT science mods and love working together on a project Skype[Required!!!]: [email protected] How does a city sound to you(AoTBTwise...)?: Great !
  2. Name: Jay Age: 17 In-Game name: White_water001 Skype/steam account name: Ser_Jorah How much do you know about the modpack: I'm pretty familiar with all of the mods and have played alot Why should I pick you: I've always been a very active player who is willing to help others and always play nice and without griefing. I love projects with other Are you a Adventure/builder/crafter: I'm both a builder and crafter. Love to built but when it's done I like to use it for things like going to the mun Would you enjoy a In-Game Shop: Yeah, It's a great addition
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