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  1. MOD EDIT: hi, I like to make accusations of serious and real crimes based on little to no evidence and my personal dislike for someone. this is not allowed and now I'm banned for being a terrible moron. don't be like me, kids! stay in school!
  2. Not really a big fan of this server. My previous experience with the staff left a real bad taste in my mouth. They like to not answer questions asked by day to day players. And if you really need help, they're not ever around to give you any advice or tips. With such a new big mod like B-team I can see this being a major issue. In my honest opinion, anyone looking for a good B-team server, can find it elsewhere.
  3. Holy crap this server is beast. Already peaking at 90 players in the early afternoon. It's such a rocking part. Hope others can join in on the fun.
  4. The staff is amazing on this server. I can't believe they put up a working server on the first day of release. I have been a part of this community for quite some time and I can assure anyone that joins it will enjoy themselves and will never have to fear any questions going unanswered when they join the server. Glad to be a part of this guys!
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