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  1. In my opinion Bluestone is a place where not only can you play and enjoy yourself, but where you can meet and make friends to enjoy it all with you. You alway feel welcomed when you join, making it feel like you belong to the community! Bluestones staff is very experienced, and they will do their best to help you with your problem or issue. No matter how simple or complicated it might be! Whether you want to join because you love the awesome range of mods we have here on B-Team, or if this is your first time...we welcome you with open arms! This Server is well put together and has a lot more to offer by far. I can honestly say I proudly call the Bluestone Servers my home as well as the home of many others. So if you want to experience this feeling of belonging and friendship of others come to Bluestone!
  2. One of the best servers I have seen in a long time. For example when you first log on, everyone is so welcoming and inviting that it really makes you feel comfortable, and it also makes it seem like they care about each person that logs on. The staff is very well picked and they all have experience with how to do their job to the best of their ability! If you have a problem or concern they don't make it seem like you're a nuissance but they try their hardest to take care of the issue and make sure everything is running smoothly and effectively. This is definitely a server where I can gaurantee you will enjoy your time and make friends that will stay with you along your journey at Bluestone.
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