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  1. I would just like to take this time to show my appreciation towards Bluestone, I am spiltting this post into a few sections, staff, community, ingame experience, etc. The Community and In-game Experience I have been part of the Bluestone community for a few months now and never once felt out of place. As soon as I first joined Bluestone I was welcomed by an amazing community. They answered any questions I had either about the server or about a specific mod that was on the server. There were people who were willing to walk me through every step of the way until I was ready to live on my own. Overall they really made me feel like at was at home and on the right server. The Staff Team The Staff team is made up of mature, helpful, and dedicated people. They are there to always assist the players in any possible way that they can. Any and every issue that occurs on the server is fixed right away because of the unity of the staff. They actually care for their community and are great at making players feel welcome. On top of that, the owners are extremely active on their server. Their office on teamspeak is always open for players to join and get to know the work they are putting into the server. They always try to find more ways to please their community and are open to any suggestions. We were able to bring up a nice spawn and a fully operational server within a period of 2 hours. I can honestly say that after many months of trying to find a decent server with a great community, I finally found a server that I could fit in. I highly suggest that you come on the server and see it all play out for yourself. - Ziothus
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