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  1. From my time playing this server, I have realized that it has incredible potential. The owners and developers are working incredibly hard to provide the best Attack of the B-Team experience possible. The staff that have been chosen for this server are helpful and quick, and put their game play in second place when it comes to making sure the community is having a smooth gaming experience. Rainfall, Blackmage, and myself (The Bluestone B-Team Developers) are all putting in hours and making them count on both the back and front end. We are taking requests, making changes, fixing things where they are needed and asked of us, and doing anything else we can do to fill in the cracks. That involves pushing the limits and not taking "No." for an answer. The community is always free to contact us via email, teamspeak, or ingame chat. We're all available and working overtime. Even though that is true, we love working with the community. TS3 IP: ts.bluestoneservers.com The Owners are: Aterruit Andersonyk The Developers are: Rainfall Blackmage ForgedFromFire We are Bluestone, better than Redstone!
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