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  1. Name: Thomas (Though I prefer to be called T on the internet, I don't enjoy giving out my name /:) Username: COCO12570 Skype: Slenderpy Age: 15 2 reasons why do you like to play Tekkit: It is a change from the regular building blocks form of the game Vanilla is, and creates a variety of machines and items with different uses to enhance gameplay. More Specifically, Technic is a very well made pack, with mods starting as easy, and ending as huge reactors with huge big machines. I like this server because I have been searching for a small community server that lacks the everyday greifers and hac
  2. My name is coco12570 please add me to the server because that will make a happy coco
  3. The fault that vanilla minecraft 1.6.4 lacks a bin
  4. Launcher Version: Stable (395) Operating System: Windows XP Java Version: (Java 7 Build 51) Antivirus Program: Avast Antivirus Free (However, I have tried disabling it and running the launcher) Description of Problem: Whenever I try to download or run a pack in the technic launcher, it seems to run at optimal speed for a windows XP computer, however the problem is after all the mods load up. When it goes to processing version it stays at 0% for about 1-5 minutes, and whatever processes that use internet that are running on my computer freeze up and essentially stop connecting to the in
  5. No problem. The fact that you put time into helping me is enough :D
  6. I did try to re download the pack, resetting it from the menu and deleting it from .technic in %appdata% then re downloading. It seems to be some internet or AV problem on my side that happens whenever I try to download minecraft. I wouldn't resort to this if I hadn't put most of my resources towards finding out what was causing it and failing (Yes, I disabled firewall and anti virus) (Yes I reinstalled Java) (Yes, I did the Setx-Java_Options Thingy in the Environment Path) (Yes, I tried repairing my connection as soon as and before it starting installing minecraft) (Yes I tried the Jar,
  7. Hey, I was wondering if there was any way I could get a bin folder download for attack of the B-team. The technic launcher is failing to install anything from that folder but modpack and version.json. If I could just download the bin file and replace it with mine so I have the files, that would be great. Thanks .
  8. Sorry to be persistent, but me and my cousin were planning on going on a server. He showed me the pack and the Mech's are soooo cool. Can someone please help me. Oh yes, let me give some information I run a Windows XP (32bit) Computer Service Pack 3 It is a 32 bit Java Run-time Environment 1 gig of ram is allocated to Minecraft, and however low it is, it is not the problem with the installation. I ran packs with more the 120 mods with only that much /: I doubt its a faulty wifi card, seeing at the exact same moment my wifi reset when installing minecraft at the many times I tried instal
  9. This is really weird. This only happens with the packs that are 1.6.4 or higher. Whenever I try to install Attack of the B-team (Or voltz or latest tekkit) I get an error saying that it failed to install the 1.6.4 minecraft jar. Even weirder, all the mods install properly and unzip. The most confusing part of it though is that when it goes to Processing Version, which is right before it installs minecraft, my internet connection (Only for my Desktop) turns off, so when it goes to download minecraft it can't. I tried this several times, and it gave the same outcome with the internet turning off
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