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  1. in Game Nick: ZarudHelviiryn Skype: Zuzu Helviiryn Age: 21 Country: France (Though originaly England) Modpack Experience: 7.5/10 Haven't done much with Galacticraft or Flans. Basic Online Time: 2-4 hours on weekdays, 5-7 weekends. Favoutrite Mod: Witchery, Tinkers, Statues, Microblocks, Morph, Minions, Necromancy and Chisel Why do you want to play on the server: I've tried going on servers but they tend to die out after a while. So I thought why not try a European Server. What would you like to do on the server: Meet new people, do some witchery stuff and generaly tell people to "Get W
  2. Username: ZarudHelviiryn Age: 21 Location: France (Though I am English) How often do you play: As much as I can. Usually 2-3 hrs on weekdays and longer on the weekend. How long have you played minecraft: Since version 1.2 Have you played a mudpack before?: Yes If so which one(s): FTB, Galaticraft, Tekkit Have you published youtube videos before: Tried it once but, no.
  3. IGN: ZarudHelviiryn Age: 21 What are you good at: I'm an average player but I'm pretty good working with microblocks. Why should I pick you/why do you want to join?: I'm looking for a good community to work and have fun with. Maybe even set up a "Legion of Evil" (patent pending) Time zone: GMT +1 Skype: Zuzu Helviiryn
  4. 1. ZarudHelviiryn 2. France 3. I tried making a video once, but I found that I concentrate too much and stay silent. Which has surprisingly little entertainment value. 4. As often as I possibly can (Usually 3-4 hours on weekdays and longer on weekends) 5. 21 6. Absolutely 7. Only with the exception being a prank with easy to follow clues. If they don't like it I would definitely return what I took. After all even Genny said this mod-pack was mostly for pranking.
  5. *Who are you? My IGN is ZarudHelviiryn *Where are you from? Europe *How old are you? 21 *Why do you want to play on our server? I'd like to find a nice quiet server without factions or pvp and get in touch with my inner hoarder. *What do you think you can offer our server? On average I'm just a normal player but I've seen plenty of Let's builds and have learnt a lot about specific blocks. *Who was your favorite power ranger? The White Ranger from Mighty Morphing.
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