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  1. Im gonna throw this in here even though its mostly unrelated to tekkit ( though i find its worse in tekkit than elsewhere ) There seem to be some kind of Permission glitch with a combination of Technic mcpc+/cauldron and mcmyadmin. A person will login and not have any permissions on the server, they'll be able to talk and build normally but not be able to use plugin commands /tp, /warp, /bal ect ect I've traced the problem down to a duplicate user error that i can see in the mcmyadmin window, but does not show in the console window. (though it happens without mcmyadmin) This problem
  2. Testing Posting Because im hearing complaints about not being able to post
  3. My players haven't complained of it at all, Would me posting what mods i leave out of the server and items i ban ( and why ) be helpful?
  4. Not every version of every mod will work with every version of every other mod. and i believe they lean on stability
  5. From a server owner's perspective I NEVER liked EE anyway. Huge hassle, and not only that. What little interest i've had has been whittled away by the incredibly long intervals between updates of the mod. I probably wouldn't notice if it was removed.
  6. I for one Actually like mmpowersuits ( for what little time we have left with it ) you know, besides the fact that its hard to configure. ( apparently ) Besides the fact that lux capacitors bypass claims ( griefprevention ) Besides the fact that leafblowers bypass claims ( griefprevention ) Besides the fact that attempting to recolor the powerfist usually disconnects you XD.
  7. Thanks! found it! minecraft/config/machinemuse/powersuits.cfg Its a duplicate file, took forever to find. Its still odd that these BOTH in one way or another can control the mod though, counter-intuitive.... Further Shenanigans! The B:Leafblower=true line is missing from the machinemuse.cfg so you still cant properly nix it. The fix is copying B:Leafblower=false from the first file in to the second file to properly disable it.
  8. Tekkit 1.2.10c Cauldron v1.965.21.182 Cant disable mmpowersuits leafblower,Plasma Gun,Lux Capacitors in the mmpowersuits.cfg eg: B:"Leaf Blower"=false wont work. Can Disable Plasma Gun Land griefing by setting explosiveness to zero. Cant seem to set power usage high enough for the leafblower to disable concurrent usage. tldr: maybe somthing wrong with mmpowersuits or config
  9. I made a Video Explaining how to make a Tekkit server with Cauldron and Plugins Constructive Criticism WELCOMED! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxH-xOwRdPQ
  10. >><< is the new ip for the ftb monster server
  11. It needed some love, i assure you the server was put inside a bonnet and coddled properly.
  12. STAFF APPLICATION Name: Age: Skype: yes/no (speech interview required) Experience being staff? Current rank on server? Why do you want to be staff? What staff/mod related plugins do you know?
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