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  1. Im gonna throw this in here even though its mostly unrelated to tekkit ( though i find its worse in tekkit than elsewhere ) There seem to be some kind of Permission glitch with a combination of Technic mcpc+/cauldron and mcmyadmin. A person will login and not have any permissions on the server, they'll be able to talk and build normally but not be able to use plugin commands /tp, /warp, /bal ect ect I've traced the problem down to a duplicate user error that i can see in the mcmyadmin window, but does not show in the console window. (though it happens without mcmyadmin) This problem also seems to have a side effect of ALSO keeping mcmyadmins user list filled with the affected players name when they've logged off, when used with tekkit ( but not other modpacks i've noticed ) Example : b-team At first i thought it was a permissionsex problem ( there are several threads there about it in pex's forum ) but i don't think it has anything to do with pex. -The problem is intermittent but happens very often even on a server with only about 10-20 avg people peak ( at approx 10-20 times a day ) -The permissions lost seem to be any given by plugins, all vanilla functions seem to work fine. -A person CAN come onto the server first time that day and get the problem -The best workaround is re-logging I bring this up mostly because i brought up the tekkitcustomizer duplicate items problem to skuli ( he found it had to do with an inventory glitch in mcpc+ ), and he talked to md_5 and got that fixed ages ago. Im hoping to luck out again. -edit: clarity -EDIT: i just found out md_5 is going to be REALLY busy because a bukkit dev filed a dmca notice. ignore my post T_T Check sep 6 and 4 posts http://cauldron.minecraftforge.net/ Bukkit's news post http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/bukkit-its-time-to-say.305106/ Mojang's thoughts http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mojang-and-the-bukkit-project.309715/
  2. Testing Posting Because im hearing complaints about not being able to post
  3. My players haven't complained of it at all, Would me posting what mods i leave out of the server and items i ban ( and why ) be helpful?
  4. Not every version of every mod will work with every version of every other mod. and i believe they lean on stability
  5. From a server owner's perspective I NEVER liked EE anyway. Huge hassle, and not only that. What little interest i've had has been whittled away by the incredibly long intervals between updates of the mod. I probably wouldn't notice if it was removed.
  6. I for one Actually like mmpowersuits ( for what little time we have left with it ) you know, besides the fact that its hard to configure. ( apparently ) Besides the fact that lux capacitors bypass claims ( griefprevention ) Besides the fact that leafblowers bypass claims ( griefprevention ) Besides the fact that attempting to recolor the powerfist usually disconnects you XD.
  7. Thanks! found it! minecraft/config/machinemuse/powersuits.cfg Its a duplicate file, took forever to find. Its still odd that these BOTH in one way or another can control the mod though, counter-intuitive.... Further Shenanigans! The B:Leafblower=true line is missing from the machinemuse.cfg so you still cant properly nix it. The fix is copying B:Leafblower=false from the first file in to the second file to properly disable it.
  8. Tekkit 1.2.10c Cauldron v1.965.21.182 Cant disable mmpowersuits leafblower,Plasma Gun,Lux Capacitors in the mmpowersuits.cfg eg: B:"Leaf Blower"=false wont work. Can Disable Plasma Gun Land griefing by setting explosiveness to zero. Cant seem to set power usage high enough for the leafblower to disable concurrent usage. tldr: maybe somthing wrong with mmpowersuits or config
  9. I made a Video Explaining how to make a Tekkit server with Cauldron and Plugins Constructive Criticism WELCOMED! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxH-xOwRdPQ
  10. >><< is the new ip for the ftb monster server
  11. It needed some love, i assure you the server was put inside a bonnet and coddled properly.
  12. STAFF APPLICATION Name: Age: Skype: yes/no (speech interview required) Experience being staff? Current rank on server? Why do you want to be staff? What staff/mod related plugins do you know?
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