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  1. Yay! Thanks to you guys i've gotten it to work. Thanks!
  2. Could someone give/show me a guide on what the setup for a 1.6.x modpack is? I tried the old format, but the Technic launcher doesn't even TRY to load it.
  3. Working on PVP Optmized Pack.

  4. I hope its ok to ask. When will the Technic Launcher be supporting Minecraft 1.6 (Preferably 1.6.2) I have a pack (PVP Optmized Pack, if your wondering) that is pretty useless at the moment because I cant upload the 1.6 version of my pack to the platform. D= Now, I know that Mojang kinda screwed over modpacks (without meaning to, I hope) with the new launcher thing, but I'm sure there's a way around it. If there is an estimated time (Heck, even in months is fine) could someone tell me? Thanks EDIT: Oops, didn't realise I couldn't ask about this kind of stuff. Sorry! Remove this if you want staff.
  5. Nvm, the only textures that worked were the ones for Thermal Expansion and Nether Ores. Dang...
  6. Im merging the files that ziv_ew linked. I'll upload the texturepack if it works!