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  1. Inbox WhiteStar_23 for the server IP, it is a whitelist so it's up to him.
  2. Just got banned for placing a nuke? I wasn't aware there was a rule against this, please un-ban me?
  3. What is your In Game Name? Nacholover96 How old are you? - You don't have to answer this if you choose not to. 17 What time zone are you in? GMT How many bans do you have on record? 0 What is your Tekkit experience? I've played singleplayer for a few months Why are you interested in joining SilliTekkit? I'm looking for a small server to join and people to game with Do you know anyone currently playing on this server? no
  4. Is anyone interested in starting a tekkit classic server? age wise preferably people around 16-18. Sorry if this is in the wrong place...
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