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  1. Hey there, i am going to join this server and bring some friends with me (2) if its fun, so see ya
  2. Just new at this forum :b

  3. Dear owner of this server, this is my reply as builder for the Hungergames map/s, but also spawns and other minigames. I just like Attack on the B-Team and allready played on your server (My IGN is Janne5256). I am quite qualified as a builder, too (I am in the 'Builders Can' team that creats maps for server like Hypixel, I helped at the Mega-Walls map 'Egypt' there, you cab go there and look at it if you want). I would be pleased if you accept. To my person: I am 17 years old, living in Germany and going to go studying building-technologies and architecture in 2,5 Years, I am doing the required school for it at the moment. But I still have some free-time to use Espacially at the weekends. Greetings, Janne5256 [specialities: Redstone and stuff xD] IGN: Janne5256
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