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  1. MFSU -> MV Transformer -> (MV capable wire) -> Energy Link -> Wooden Conductive Pipe -> Conductive Pipe ->Quarry Not sure if the extra MV wire and extra conductive pipe is required, but make sure you add a wooden conductive pipe to the Energy Link before attaching it to the quarry.
  2. I never asked anywhere that I wanted you to look for a server for me. If I did, please quote that part. Well, I played it because I wanted to give it a go. How else would I be able to form an opinion? Allow me to make a slight adjustment to the words of the wise man: If you know a rule is unjust and you still follow that rule, then you are unjust. I never really tried towny, factions was good enough for me so I didn't take the time to learn it. The server towny was on usually had other flaws that would make me leave. Well, quantum and nano suits are both also overpowered in my eyes and I would love to see them go on disabled mode at PvP servers as well. Also both of those are fairly easy to get. But that is an IC2 discussion. Finding a server where it is disabled is extremely tough due to the fact that many people don't want it gone and this causes a lack of players on servers where it is disabled. I believe that on PvP servers EE should be disabled, it is an infectious disease that diminishes the need for creativity by large amounts. It presents an easy solution to most of the problems you encounter on a minecraft world. (Probably why people like it.) EE is not a quality mod in my eyes, at least not for tekkit pvp. Also you should play something because it is good, not because someone put a lot of work in it. I know the mod creators have worked hard and I do appreciate it, but it should not influence my opinion on the quality.
  3. I thought I read somewhere that having multiple crop matrons on 1 crop would make it worse, crop matrons are less efficient in general anyways. (But I use them anyways, don't want to be babysitting plants all the time.)
  4. Well, this is proof that EE is overpowered. With EE I got that amount of diamonds within 1 chunk, created from thin air. What the hell was I supposed to use all those diamonds for!? Well, I made Gem Armour and some Katar. The funny part is that I did not abuse any dupe glitch to get it, it only took me about 8 hours to get the full Gem Armour set, yes I had 4 Omega Klein Stars charged in no time. Above all this, my method of gaining EMC was not even fully optimized yet, I could have easily made an EMC farm (with a size that fits in one chunk) that would have speed it up 5x. To make matters even worse, it was the first time I ever used EE, I just looked up some recipes, put some resources in and saw the possibilities of cheap stuff. The core of EE is rotten, and it made my stay on that server revolve around EE and use the other mods to make EE even stronger, and thus within 8 hours I was in Creative Mode on a PVP server. New players didn't know what was happening to them when I flew into their base while pressing 'c'. EE was so overpowered that I got bored and was destroying everything on my path with my friend who had used my leftover EMC to create the second Gem Armour set. The server's spawn didn't last long either. My opinion on EE is that it should be singleplayer only or non-pvp servers. As for IC2, they should remove quantum and nano armor for PVP. But I want to stop whining and slightly go offtopic (on topic when you consider the argument of people who say that you should look for a new server) to explain an idea that might help prevent "EE opinion battles". The current way of finding a server is not very efficient, I have to go over 20 pages to find about 4 servers that have the setup of mods/plugins that I am satisfied with. The server style I am looking for is a server that has: - No BuildCraft (RP2 replaces it, + Buildcraft can suck up high amounts of server resources (I will only be missing the oil)) Note: This removes Power Converters also ofc. - No Equivalent Exchange (I don't enjoy creative mode, + I like PvP) - No Ender Storage - No TubeStuff - No World Anchors in any form - No Iron Chests (Restrictions stimulate creativity, more inventory space in a chest reduces that restriction) + PvP (Factions plugin, not towny) + RP2 (Awesome mod, very clean and powerful, but not unbalancing) + Railcraft (I love making factories that handle incoming carts, unloading them, loading them etc.) + Nether Ores (Notch failed to make the Nether decent, this makes it decent) + Balkon's Weapon Mod (Muskets are just so nice and the long reload time makes sure you can't depend on them alone (Blunderbuss might need some work)) / IC2 Solar Arrays ( I am not sure how balanced this is, haven't tried it yet. I usually start with geothermals (personal preference)) I've been looking for this, for a long time and on many websites. But what every server listing website misses is the functionality to have a checklist of what mods you want and what you do not want. This would make it so much easier to browse through servers and finding what you want.
  5. I gave you the reasons. It is overpowered, hardly technical and it causes confusion if it is just turned off and not entirely removed. This is my opinion, if you disagree with that.. I am fine with that. So you say that servers that are less popular don't matter? That is not elitist? Anyways, it seems you finally seem to get who I am directed the post at. I know there are plenty of servers that deliberately keep the mod in, but they should do whatever they want as long as they can reason why they keep it in. The answer being: People enjoy it. That is nice and I am happy people enjoy the mod, but in my opinion it does not belong on a server where the goal is to have a nice a technical stay.
  6. Uhm.. I believe your capslock is still on, anyways have a nice day.
  7. I'll redo my first post. Since apparently I offended some people. This was not my intention. I wanted to bring awareness to what people are adding to their servers.
  8. I definitely dislike it, that is what I am saying. I give arguments why I dislike it and why I think it should be removed from the modpack. Ofcourse there are many succesful servers with EE, people want to go easymode and do everything without any trouble. I put up this topic so people think twice before they start using it.
  9. I play tekkit without it myself, I just want to let people know what is going in the world. People want overpowered stuff? I mean come on are people really becoming like this? Every game should be so easy that it requires no effort. Notch already made a game with an odd balance, many changes suggest that he had no idea what was going on in the minecraft world. Now other people add stuff that ridiculously changes balance also.. I am just worried with what people want, people want to play without needing any skill. Studies said that games could teach you things, but what do you learn if everything is presented to you on a silver plate with encrusted diamonds? Do we really need EE to have fun? Does it really increase the amount of fun? Is it really anything else than x-ray without even needing to go underground? (A bit much that last one, but still..) As you can see I am not just worried about what people throw in modpacks, but I still think that my topic should be posted here. Where people read about it and can do something about it at a smaller scale. I could and will start a discussion on other forums about the general direction of certain games. Where the audience might as well be a plant.
  10. You don't put a player who can only tennis in a soccer team, or you must be really desperate to get players. You can put him on the bench, but he shouldnt play.. so why? Having EE in the modpack suggests that you should use it and that it belongs there. Which in my opinion is wrong.
  11. Well, but don't you agree it is odd that it is in a technic pack and not a magic pack?
  12. The question you want me to answer has nothing to do with my post. I want EE out of the tekkit smp modpack because it doesnt fit there. Turning it off is a solution, but it still suggests that EE has a rightful place in the modpack, while it has nothing to do with the technical additions that mods like redpower and industrial craft give. I know an incredibly large inventory is nice, but is it good for the game? A game should be balanced, not unstable. EE would be less disturbing if it wasn't just focused on giving players incredible strengths and diminishing all their weaknesses by immense amounts. But it still belongs in a magic modpack and not a technical one.
  13. Put it in a different mod pack, that is all I ask.
  14. Yes, I do realize that.. But the problem is also people getting used to it. People will miss this mod when they will come on a server that does not have it. You enjoy it? Is it because it makes the game so easy that it no longer requires any effort?
  15. Dear server owners, The past months I have kept track of tekkit smp and I want to tell something to people that are about to start or already run a server. 1) Equivalent Exchange is a mod that is activated by default. The mod allows players to exchange items for other items. For example 4 gold can be turned into 1 diamond. Be aware that this will drastically influence what items are worth on a server. 2) Equivalent Exchange is a mod that is about magic. EE is not for server owners that want players to have a techical oriented stay on your server. EE will create many shortcuts for players to take and they will no longer require steps that they would have to take without this mod. 3) Endgame items in EE are extremely powerful, be aware that newer players will stand no chance against players that already have these items. So please dear server owners, please be aware of the influences that certain mods can have on your server. So please don't just download a server and gogo, please read what you are starting up. This post is only directed to people that host a server and are not sure how certain mods affect game balance. I use EE as an example, because in my eyes it is the ugly duck in a set of beautiful mods. I hope people will start thinking about the mods and will be able to balance out what they do not want on their server. Regards, Dijego
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