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  1. IGN: N3onEclips3 Skype: megamop360 Do you accept the rules?: Yes Age: 16 Youtube: NeonDx (no videos yet, looking to join a server to start some!) How active you will be: Most days for at least an hour Why should I pick you?: Well the whole reason i would like to join is because singleplayer is no fun. Theres no one to show off my builds to or to just have a laugh and mess about with. I want to join because i want to hang out with people i can trust and have fun with without the fear of griefing or abuse. I think of myself as a mature person who will respect other people on the server and their
  2. Application:: Name: Harry IGN: N3onEclips3 Skype(MUST HAVE): megamop360 Youtube: NeonDx Age: 16 Why Do you want to join?: Personally, i enjoy playing with other people rather than on my own. I like to have a chat and a laugh with a good community and enjoy playing a great game at the same time! Anything Else: Bteam Babaaay!
  3. Username: N3onEclips3 Skype: megamop360 Age: 16 Timezone: GMT Why you want to be on the server:Well lets face it, minecraft singleplayer is boring I'm looking for a community i can have fun with and also to have some serious attack of the bteam fun!
  4. Nope, I have wind sounds and particles off. I'll take a look at the config, thought it was the weather mod. EDIT: Config for weather mod can be accessed in game using /config, but i cant see anything that sounds like the problem.
  5. I'm not sure if this has already been addressed but after a quick search i couldn't seem to find anything on this topic. Basically, there must be a mod that adds a sound to running water similiar to rain but say 3 times as loud, my problem is that this is a really obnoxious noise and I'm wondering what mod is making this sound and where i can change the volume/mute it. My MC volume is at 25% and no other sounds are as annoyingly loud as this so that isn't whats creating the problem. Any solutions would be much appreciated! Neon
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