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  1. I am looking to find the mod pack Project Ozone 2. The one the Yogscast is playing now. All the ones I find on here in the modpacks don't work. Please help me out.
  2. This can be removed. I firgured it out.
  3. So I am trying to patch my current Sphax 128 so that the items like copper ore, tin ore, and etc look like the iorn and gold ores/ingots. But I have yet to figure out how to do this. I followed these steps from here: http://bdcraft.net/forum/128x-64xtekkit-smp-21-v19 But still can't figure it out. Please someone break this down so that I can fully understand it. Or tell me how to install patches for Sphax and what one I need. THANKS!
  4. Turns out it was the fact the chunks were not loaded. Thanks.
  5. Ok so I am using Itemducts and tesseracts to send items to my ME system from a quarry. The first 4 I set up ran just fine no problems. But then all off sudden the Itemduct stops taking items from the chest.... So I look at it and it says it's stuffed. How do I unstuff it?
  6. I know they use the Sphax one.... But in the new complete pack most of there ores, rubys, and etc have a texture. Where and how do I find there current texture pack?
  7. I was wanting to know if I can add mods to this modpack. I really would like to add Tinkers Construct.
  8. So I been playing in this new world for a few days now. I have built myself a nice house and was almost done. I just finished the roof and all of a sudden the game window just closed... So I was like ok I hope it saved all my work. Went to restart and load the world and the save game is not there. Since I only had the one world the page is blank.. I just have the option to make a new world. Any Ideas? EDIT: Just so you all know I have 6gigs for tekkit selected. So that should be way more then enough.
  9. Anyway in the next update you guys can add the Morph mod?
  10. What is the best resource pack to be using with this current tekkit? Edit: And were to get it?
  11. GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY! Got it to work. Thanks MikehellRS
  12. Thank you for the picture it really helps. I will try this later. Thank you all for helping.
  13. ok tried them pipes "itemducts" it wont load it from the quarry to the tess. I have it set to send items to one set to receive items all on the came channel. The pipe wont connect to the quarry....I'm so confused!!!! I liked the old way. WHY NOT HAVE TELE-PIPES!!!!
  14. Ok I see. How should they be set? Plus what pipes connect to it? I have cobble running to it but the blocks wont go in it. They just pop out.
  15. I've tried to make it. But it wont work. So how do you get Tesseracts to send items?
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