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  1. Every time, i will login and the launcher will open. after that i will scroll through the modpacks until i find the suitable one to install (tekkit classic) EVERY time i do this (even after re-downloading the launcher TEN times) it will start to install every part of the modpack, but after about one second MATMOS will begin to install and just freeze at 0% I used to think that it was just taking time to load...until i left my computer on all day, When i cam back home It was still frozen After some frustration i decided to try out a different modpack, Same issue- It always froze on MATMOS.
  2. I need help! i'm using the newest launcher and nothing is working. Every time i try to install a pack it just freezes in the middle of installing (it often just STOPS abruptly as soon as it get's to matmos) and just quit's working. No matter what i do, the god damn modpack won't launch.

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      Well you could try a thread in the bug report section

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