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  1. I got it, you're supposed to right-click it with nothing in your hand, and it works, The wrench makes it output/input. Thanks
  2. So i installed the pneumatic servo right below the chest, And when i open the chest, i don't have the item filter GUI, Am i doing something wrong? Thanks.
  3. Yes i do, Works fine without adding anything (Optifine/Texture Pack)
  4. I did, but it doesn't let me more then 1GB, Because i'm on the 32 Bit version.
  5. Hey fellas,I'm having memory issues with this Mod Pack, Everything works just fine, from time to time it lags, but i guess that's normal after gaming a while, But when i try to install Optifine OR switching to a Texture Pack (Sphax 32x32) it throws me an "Out of memory" error, Even though i have enough memory, As shown below, (Warning: Large image.) I have cleaned my PC, Tried few programs to clean up memory, I have already allocated 1GB memory to java in the properties, But nothing worked. What else can i do? (Besides the obvious of buying/upgrading my current PC.) Windows 8.1 - 2
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