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  1. im trying to play attack of the b-team but every time i load it up, the mojang screen comes up like always but then it closes and brings me back to the launcher. someone help me plz and tell me whats wrong.
  2. i would like to be whitelisted to the server my ign is richierich01
  3. who are you:my is name is richie my ign is richierich01 where are you from: usa how old are you: 16 why do u want to play on thdeis server: so i can enjoy this new modpack without any rude random people destroying all my stuff, and to hopefully make friends to make this new modpack even better. what can you offer the server: i dnt know lol i am a loyal person so if i get on this server and i like it, expect me to be on 24/7 lol who is your favorite power ranger: hmm i dnt know,i think it has to be the white power ranger from dino thunder just cuz he looked so cool lol
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