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  1. First off, there are four of us who wish to apply to the server but I am the only one with an account so I'm just going to apply for the four of us. All questions will be answered to the best of my ability. 1) Jared (me), Teagan, Zac, Kevin 2) 6double, seth_deathrider, Das_Gymnast, KKliner 3) 17, 16, 15, 15 4) Mine is The6double, I am not comfortable giving away their Skype names however. 5) no for all of us but Teagan. The server owner is a friend of mine who simply didn't like him. 6) Northern California 7) American 8) 2-3 hours will vary per day and per person. We will be on separately a lot and together. 9) We all like the B-Team mod pack and would like a good server to play on together. 10) We are all on a Gymnastics Team together. 11) What server side plugins are there for this server? I personally really dislike factions is why I'm asking.
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