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  1. got vent and a mic the quality isnt amazing but it isnt terrible waiting on a new one
  2. hey just watched the vid of the live stream i would like to put my name down for the server im 22 beginner volts player, im from the UK Manchester to be exact got a bit of irsih that comes through now and then im running of a hp 620 with 6 gig ram but getting an Alienware m14x soonish i think i have vet aswell
  3. o great gods of tekkit please help every time i try and start techniclauncher.exe a window opens and says checking for latest versions and then and error window appears saying'' can't find Java dictionary '' i have updated java and got the latest versions of everything im going out of my mine i just want to play tekkit please reply quike or i shall cry :'( thanks all Singed A what? no, bad.