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  1. Tuned crystals can only be acquired by looting dungeons, temples, etc. There is no way to craft them. Here is a video explaining how radios and crystals work.
  2. It's not a mod dedicated to changing the spawn of each ore. It's actually in the config file for CoFH (named CoFHWorld-Generation), who made Thermal Expansion.
  3. Hi, I'm playing the Attack of the B-Team modpack and I wanted to create a world save on which my brother and I could play on. I made sure that our separate accounts were put into the Technic Launcher. One of us would play for a while, and then when the other wanted to play, we logged out, and signed in to the other Minecraft account, loaded up the same world, but it seems that our player data is merged because we share an inventory and player location. I tried to delete one of the player data but nothing changed. I assume it's a problem with the launcher, because I've tried on several modpacks
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